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God Will Punish Assyria

God says, “·How terrible it will be for the king of Assyria [L Woe to Assyria].
    ·I use him like a rod to show my anger […the rod of my anger];
    in ·anger [my wrath/fury] I use Assyria like a club.
I send ·it [or him; C the king of Assyria] to fight against a godless nation [C Judah; see v. 10].
    I ·command [order; dispatch] ·Assyria [L it; or him] to fight against the people ·with whom I am angry [L of my wrath].
to ·take their wealth from them [L plunder the plunder and loot the loot],
    to trample them down like dirt in the streets.
But Assyria’s king doesn’t ·understand that I am using him [intend to do this];
    ·he [L his heart] doesn’t ·know he is a tool for me [think/reason this way].
He only wants to destroy other people
    and to ·defeat [L cut off] many nations.

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