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They ·are not fair [withold justice] to the poor [Ex. 23:6, 11; Deut. 15:4–11],
    and they ·rob [deprive] my people of their rights.
They ·allow people to steal from widows [L make widows their plunder/prey; Ex. 22:22]
    and ·to take from orphans what really belongs to them [L plunder/loot the fatherless; Deut. 10:18].
·How will you explain the things you have done [L What will you do on the day of accounting/visitation]?
    What will you do when your destruction comes from far away?
·Where [or To whom] will you run for help?
    Where will you ·hide your riches [or leave your wealth/glory] then?
You will have to ·bow down [kneel; cower] among the captives
    or fall down among the ·dead bodies [L slain ones].
But the Lord is still angry;
    his hand is still ·raised to strike down the people [outstretched].

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