10 1 Of wicked lawmakers. 5 God will punish his people by the Assyrians and after destroy them. 21 The remnant of Israel shall be saved.

Woe unto them that decree wicked decrees, and [a]write grievous things,

To keep back the poor from judgment, and to take away the judgment of the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may spoil the fatherless.

What will ye do now in the day of visitation, and of destruction, which shall come from [b]far? to whom will ye flee for help and where will ye leave your [c]glory?

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  1. Isaiah 10:1 Which write and pronounce a wicked sentence to oppress the poor: meaning, that the wicked magistrates, which were the chief cause of mischief, should be first punished.
  2. Isaiah 10:3 To wit, from Assyria.
  3. Isaiah 10:3 Your riches and authority, that they may be safe, and that ye may receive them again.

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