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13 Yet if even a tenth[a] remains there,[b]
    it will be burned again.
    It will be like a fallen oak or terebinth tree when it is felled;
    the stump still lives to grow again.[c]
    Now, the “stump” is the holy seed.[d]

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  1. Isaiah 6:13 The tenth could be the tenth reign of a king or the tenth part of the people.
  2. Isaiah 6:13 See 2 Kings 25:12, 22.
  3. Isaiah 6:13 The two trees mentioned here (terebinth and oak) grow in the Middle East. They both have the power to produce new shoots even when cut down to a stump.
  4. Isaiah 6:13 Or “The seed of holiness is its stump” or “The stump is the sacred seed.” Isaiah uses the word seed twenty-five times. This is not the end but a new beginning. God always has remnant people, even in a time of judgment. Today true believers have the “holy seed” of Christ within them, for they have been born from above. Note the seven requirements of the divine call: (1) a revelation of God, high and lifted up (vv. 1–4), (2) a revelation of holiness (vv. 1–4), (3) a revelation of our uncleanness (v. 5), (4) divine cleansing (vv. 6–7), (5) a personal call—the voice of the Lord (v. 8), (6) abandonment to God (v. 8), and (7) divine commissioning (vv. 9–13).