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God’s Tender Love for Zion

54 “Rejoice[a] with singing, you barren one!

    You who have never given birth,
    burst into a song of joy and shout,
    you who have never been in labor![b]
    For the deserted wife will have more children
    than the married one,” says Yahweh.[c]

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  1. Isaiah 54:1 This verse begins with only two words in Hebrew: barren and rejoice. These are two ends of the emotional spectrum. Nothing brings sorrow like being barren. Yet God promises that even in our greatest sorrow there can be a song of joy.
  2. Isaiah 54:1 This verse can be viewed as the remedy for spiritual barrenness—the song of triumph and the shout of joy! Spiritual barrenness is broken by the power of worship. Where God’s people are held back in worship, spiritual barrenness soon follows. Our worship has the power to bring new birth (evangelism) into our congregations. Worship is a mighty force to influence the lost and bring new birth. See Gal. 4:27.
  3. Isaiah 54:1 See Gal. 4:27.