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Is Israel a watchman?
    Are God’s people prophets?
Everywhere Israel goes, traps are set for him.
    He is an enemy in God’s house.
The people of Israel have gone deep into sin
    as the people of Gibeah[a] did.
The Lord will remember the evil things they have done,
    and he will punish their sins.

10 “When I found Israel,
    it was like finding grapes in the desert.
Your ancestors were like
    finding the first figs on the fig tree.
But when they came to Baal Peor,
    they began worshiping an idol,
    and they became as hateful as the thing they worshiped.

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  1. 9:9 Gibeah The sins of the people of Gibeah caused a civil war. See Judges 19–21.

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