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The time for your judgment has now come;
    payday is here—
        and Israel knows it.
The prophet is a fool,
    and the spiritual man is insane.
Because of your great sin,
    the hatred against you[a] is great.
While Ephraim stands watch with my God,
    the prophet has snares set that will trap his ways,
        and hostility lodges in the Temple of his God.
They have corrupted themselves deeply,
    as did Gibeah[b] in its day.
Therefore God[c] will remember their lawlessness,
    and he will pay them back for their sins.

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  1. Hosea 9:7 The Heb. lacks against you
  2. Hosea 9:9 Cf. Judg 19:1
  3. Hosea 9:9 Lit. he

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