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I have ·warned you [L cut you into pieces; hewn you] by my prophets
    that I will kill you with ·my words [L the words of my mouth].
    My ·justice [judgment] comes out like ·bright light [or the morning dawn].
I ·want [desire; delight in] ·faithful love [mercy; lovingkindness]
    ·more than I want animal sacrifices [L and not sacrifice].
I want ·people to know me [the knowledge of God]
    more than I want burnt offerings [Lev. 1:1–17].
But they ·have broken [transgressed] the ·agreement [covenant] as ·Adam did [or human beings did; or they did at Adamah; Josh. 3:16];
    they have ·been unfaithful to [dealt treacherously with] me.

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