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Hosea 4:11-13 Lexham English Bible (LEB)

11     whoredom.[a]
Wine and new wine take away the understanding.[b]
12     My people,
consult their wooden idols,[c]
    and their divining rod gives them oracles;
because a spirit of whoredom led them astray,
    and they played the whore from under their God.[d]
13 On the tops of the mountains they sacrifice,
    and on the hills they make offerings,
under oak, poplar, and terebinth,
    because their[e] shade is good.
Therefore your daughters play the whore,
    and all your daughters-in-law[f] commit adultery.


  1. Hosea 4:11 Literally “to watch over whoredom”
  2. Hosea 4:11 Literally “take away heart”
  3. Hosea 4:12 Literally “their wood”
  4. Hosea 4:12 That is, “they played the whore forsaking their God”; See Ezek 23:5
  5. Hosea 4:13 Hebrew “its”
  6. Hosea 4:13 Or “brides”
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