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Hosea 4:10-12 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

10 And they shall eat, and they shall not be [ful]filled; they did fornication, and ceased not, for they forsook the Lord in not keeping (his word). (And they shall eat, but they shall not be fulfilled; for they worshipped idols, and ceased not, yea, they deserted the Lord, and followed other gods.)

11 Fornication, and wine, and drunkenness do away the heart. (Wine and drunkenness do away clear thinking.)

12 My people asked in his tree, and the staff thereof told to it; for the spirit of fornication deceived them, and they did fornication, (going away) from their God. (My people asked for counsel, or advice, from their piece of wood, and a staff, or a stick, told them what to do; and so the spirit of adultery, or of idolatry, deceived them, and they did adultery, or idolatry, and went away from their God.)


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