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II. Israel’s Guilt, Punishment, and Restoration

Chapter 4

Indictment of Israel[a]

Hear the word of the Lord, Israelites,
    for the Lord has a dispute
    with the inhabitants of the land:(A)
There is no fidelity, no loyalty,
    no knowledge of God in the land.
Swearing, lying, murder,
    stealing and adultery break out;[b]
    bloodshed follows bloodshed.(B)

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  1. 4:1–3 The introduction to the oracles (chaps. 4–11) which begin with “Hear the word of the Lord” (4:1) and end with “oracle of the Lord” (11:11).
  2. 4:2 Similar to the decalogue (Ex 20:1–17; cf. Jer 7:9).