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The more priests ·there are [increase],
    the more they sin against me.
·I will take away their honor
    and give them shame
[or They have exchanged the glory of God
    for the shamefulness (of idols); Rom. 1:23].
Since the priests ·live off [L eat; feed on] the ·sin offerings [or sin] of the people,
    they ·want the people to sin more and more [relish/long for their iniquity].
·The priests are as wrong as the people [L And it will be: like people, like priest],
    and I will punish them both for ·what they have done [their ways].
I will repay them for the ·wrong [L acts; deeds] they have done.

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The more priests there were,
    the more they sinned against me;
    they exchanged their glorious God[a](A) for something disgraceful.(B)
They feed on the sins of my people
    and relish their wickedness.(C)
And it will be: Like people, like priests.(D)
    I will punish both of them for their ways
    and repay them for their deeds.(E)

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  1. Hosea 4:7 Syriac (see also an ancient Hebrew scribal tradition); Masoretic Text me; / I will exchange their glory