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Hosea 2:15-17 The Voice (VOICE)

15     And then I’ll give her back her vineyards;
        I’ll turn the valley of Achor, that “Valley of Trouble,”[a]
        into a gateway of hope.

This is where Achan was judged for keeping forbidden spoils of war when Israel first entered into the land after the exodus.

    In the wilderness of exile she’ll learn to respond to Me
        the way she did when she was young, when I brought her out of Egypt.

16 And I swear when that day comes, she’ll call Me “my husband” and never address Me again as “my master” as she did those other gods. 17 She’ll never invoke the name of any other master again.

Everyone will forget that gods by that name ever existed.


  1. 2:15 Joshua 7:24
The Voice (VOICE)

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