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Hisgalus 7:2-4 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

And I saw another malach (angel) coming up from the rising of the shemesh (sun), having a chotam (seal) of the Elohim Chayyim (Living G-d), and he cried with a kol gadol (loud voice) to the four malachim (angels). These were the malachim to whom it was given to harm ha’aretz (the earth) and hayam (the sea),

Saying, Do not harm ha’aretz (the earth) nor hayam (the sea) nor haetzim (the trees), until we have marked with the chotam (seal) the avadim (servants) of Eloheinu upon their metsakhim (foreheads). [YECHEZKEL 9:4]

And I heard the mispar (number) of the ones having been sealed, 144,000, having been marked with the chotam (seal) from kol shivtei Bnei Yisroel (every tribe of the Sons of Israel),

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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