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Hisgalus 6:8-10 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

And I saw, and, hinei, a sus yerakrak (a greenish pale horse), and the one sitting upon it, that rider’s name was Mavet, and She’ol was following with him. And there was given to them samchut (authority) over a quarter of ha’aretz (the earth), to kill with cherev (sword) and with ra’av (famine) and with mavet (death) and by the chayyot (beasts) of ha’aretz (the earth). [ZECHARYAH 6:3; HOSHEA 13:14; YIRMEYAH 15:2,3; 24:10; YECHEZKEL 5:12,17]

And when he opened the chotam hachamishi (fifth seal), I saw underneath the Mizbe’ach (altar) the nefashot (souls) of the ones having died al kiddush ha-Shem, having been slain as martyrs because of the dvar Hashem (word of G-d) and because of their solemn eidus (testimony) which they had given. [SHEMOT 29:12; VAYIKRA 4:7]

10 And they cried out, saying, Rabbono shel Olam, HaKadosh and HaNe’eman, ad mosai (how much longer) is it to be until you judge and avenge dahmeinu (our blood) on the inhabitants of ha’aretz (the earth)? [TEHILLIM 119:84; ZECHARYAH 1:12; DEVARIM 32:43; MELACHIM BAIS 9:7; TEHILLIM 79:10]

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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