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Hisgalus 5:4-6 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

And I was weeping copiously because no one was found worthy to open the sefer (book) or to look into it.

And one of the Zekenim says to me, Do not weep, hinei, HaAryeh (The Lion) from the Shevet Yehudah (Tribe of Judah), the Shoresh Dovid (Root of Dovid), has won the nitzachon (victory) and he is able to open the sefer (book) and its sheva chotamot (seven seals). [BERESHIS 49:9; YESHAYAH 11:1,10]

And I saw between the Kes (Throne) and the Arbah Chayyot (four living beings) and among the Zekenim (Elders, SHEMOT 12:21) a SEH (Lamb, YESHAYAH 53:7, Moshiach) having stood as having been slain, having sheva karnayim (horns, omnipotence), sheva eynayim (eyes, omniscience), which are the sheva ruchot (spirits) of Hashem having been sent into kol ha’aretz (all the earth).

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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