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10 And he carried me away in the Ruach Hakodesh onto a great and high mountain, and showed me the Ir Hakodesh, Yerushalayim, descending and coming down out of Shomayim from Hashem, [YECHEZKEL 40:2]

11 Having the Shekhinah kavod (glory) of Hashem. Her brilliance, was like a precious stone, even a jasper, clear as crystal, [YESHAYAH 60:1,2; YECHEZKEL 43:2]

12 Having a great and high wall, having Shneym Asar She’arim (Twelve Gates), and at the She’arim (Gates), Shneym Asar malachim (Twelve angels), and SHEMOT (Names) were inscribed on them, which are the shemot (names) of the Shneym Asar Shivtei HaBnei Yisroel (Twelve Tribes of the Bnei Yisroel). [YECHEZKEL 48:30-34]

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