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11 And they spoke Chillul Hashem gidufim (blasphemies) against Elohei HaShomayim (the G-d of Heaven) because of their agony and because of their sores, and they did not make teshuva from their ma’asim (deeds).

12 And hashishi (the sixth [malach]) poured out his ke’ara (bowl) on the nahar hagadol (the great river), the Euphrates, and the mayim (water) of it was dried up, that the derech (way) of the melachim (kings) from the rising of the shemesh (sun) might be prepared. [Isa 11:15,16; 41:2; 46:11]

13 And I saw coming out of the PEH (mouth) of the Dragon NACHASH and out of the PEH of the Chayyah (Beast, Anti-Moshiach) and out of the PEH of the Navi Sheker (False Prophet) shalosh ruchot teme’ot (three unclean spirits) like tzfarde’im (frogs), [SHEMOT 8:6]

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