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Hisgalus 15:3-5 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

And they sing the Shir of Moshe [Rabbeinu], the eved Hashem, and the Shir of the SEH (Lamb, SHEMOT 12:3; YESHAYAH 53:7 Moshiach), saying, "Great and marvelous are your ma’asim (works), Hashem Adonoi Tzva’ot; Tzedek (Righteousness) and Emes (Truth) are your derakhim (ways, paths), Melech kol HaGoyim (King of all the Nations). [SHEMOT 15:1; YEHOSHUA 1:1; TEHILLIM 111:2; 145:17]

“Adonoi, who would not fear You and ascribe kavod to your Name? Because You only are HaKadosh, for kol HaGoyim will come and will worship before You because Your tzedakot (righteous acts) were made known." [YIRMEYAH 10:7; TEHILLIM 86:9; YESHAYAH 66:23]

And after these things I looked, and the Heikhal was opened, that is, the Mishkan HaEdut in Shomayim. [SHEMOT 38:21; BAMIDBAR 1:50]

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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