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It contained echō the golden chrysous altar thumiatērion of incense and kai the ho ark kibōtos of the ho covenant diathēkē covered perikalyptō on all sides pantothen with gold chrysion, in en which hos were the golden chrysous urn stamnos containing echō the ho manna manna, · kai · ho Aaron’ s Aarōn rod rhabdos that ho had budded blastanō, and kai the ho stone tablets plax of the ho covenant diathēkē. Above hyperanō · de it autos were the cherubim Cheroub of glory doxa overshadowing kataskiazō the ho place of forgiveness hilastērion. Of peri these hos things we cannot ou now nyn speak legō in kata detail meros.

When kataskeuazō these things houtos · de had been prepared kataskeuazō in this way houtōs, the ho priests hiereus used to enter eiseimi regularly dia into eis the ho outer prōtos room skēnē to perform epiteleō their ho ritual services latreia;

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