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25 Nor oude was it to hina offer prospherō himself heautou repeatedly pollakis, as hōsper the ho high priest archiereus enters eiserchomai eis the ho Most Holy Place hagios every kata year eniautos with en blood haima not his own allotrios, 26 for then epei he autos would have had dei to suffer paschō again and again pollakis since apo the foundation katabolē of the world kosmos. But de as it is nyni, he has appeared phaneroō once for all hapax at epi the climax synteleia of the ho ages aiōn to eis put away athetēsis · ho sin hamartia by dia · ho his autos sacrifice thusia. 27 And kai just kata as hosos it is appointed apokeimai for ho mortals anthrōpos to die apothnēskō once hapax, and de after meta that houtos to experience judgment krisis,

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