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23 Thus oun it was necessary anankē that · ho earthly copies hypodeigma of the ho · ho heavenly ouranos realities be purified katharizō by these houtos rites, but de the ho heavenly realities epouranios themselves autos with better kreittōn sacrifices thusia than para these houtos. 24 For gar Christ Christos did eiserchomai not ou enter eiserchomai a sanctuary hagios made with hands cheiropoiētos, that was a mere copy antitypos of the ho true one alēthinos, but alla into eis heaven ouranos itself autos, · ho now nyn to appear emphanizō in the ho presence prosōpon of ho God theos on hyper our hēmeis behalf. 25 Nor oude was it to hina offer prospherō himself heautou repeatedly pollakis, as hōsper the ho high priest archiereus enters eiserchomai eis the ho Most Holy Place hagios every kata year eniautos with en blood haima not his own allotrios,

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