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The Messiah’s Perfect Sacrifice

23 Thus it was necessary for these earthly[a] copies of the things in heaven to be cleansed by these sacrifices,[b] but the heavenly things themselves are made clean[c] with better sacrifices than these. 24 For the Messiah[d] did not go into a sanctuary made by human[e] hands that is merely a copy of the true one, but into heaven itself, to appear now in God’s presence on our behalf. 25 Nor did he go into heaven[f] to sacrifice himself again and again, the way the high priest goes into the Holy Place every year with blood that is not his own.

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  1. Hebrews 9:23 The Gk. lacks earthly
  2. Hebrews 9:23 Lit. by these things
  3. Hebrews 9:23 The Gk. lacks are made clean
  4. Hebrews 9:24 Or Christ
  5. Hebrews 9:24 The Gk. lacks human
  6. Hebrews 9:25 The Gk. lacks did he go into heaven