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For gar this houtos · ho Melchizedek Melchisedek, king basileus of Salem Salēm, priest hiereus of the ho Most High hypsistos God theos, · ho · ho met synantaō Abraham Abraam returning hypostrephō from apo the ho defeat kopē of the ho kings basileus and kai blessed eulogeō him autos, and kai to him hos Abraham Abraam alloted merizō a tenth part dekatos of apo everything pas. Translated hermēneuō, his name means first prōton, “ king basileus of righteousness dikaiosynē,” then epeita · de it also kai means, “ king basileus of Salem Salēm,” that hos is eimi, “ king basileus of peace eirēnē.” He is without father apatōr, without mother amētōr, without genealogy agenealogētos, having echō neither mēte beginning archē of days hēmera nor mēte end telos of life zōē; but de like aphomoioō the ho Son hyios of ho God theos he continues menō a priest hiereus for eis all ho time diēnekēs.

But de see theōreō how great pēlikos this houtos man was to whom hos · kai the ho patriarch patriarchēs Abraham Abraam gave didōmi a tithe dekatos of ek the ho finest plunder akrothinion. And kai those ho of ek the ho sons hyios of Levi Leui who receive lambanō the ho priestly office hierateia have echō a mandate entolē according to kata the ho law nomos to collect a tithe apodekatoō from the ho people laos, that houtos is eimi, from · ho their autos fellow countrymen adelphos, although kaiper they too come exerchomai from ek the ho loins osphys of Abraham Abraam. But de this ho man who does not trace genealogeō his descent from ek them autos received tithes from dekatoō Abraham Abraam and kai blessed eulogeō the ho one who had echō the ho promises epangelia. It is without chōris · de any pas dispute antilogia that the ho person of lesser status elassōn is blessed eulogeō by hypo the ho one of greater status kreittōn. · kai In the one case hōde, mortal apothnēskō men anthrōpos receive lambanō tithes dekatos, but de in the other case ekei, by one of whom it is testified martyreō that hoti he lives zaō. And kai it could be said hōs that Levi Leui himself, who ho receives lambanō tithes dekatos, paid tithes dekatoō through dia Abraham Abraam, · kai 10 for gar he was eimi still eti in en the ho loins osphys of his ho ancestor patēr when hote Melchizedek Melchisedek met synantaō Abraham autos.

11 If ei, then oun, perfection teleiōsis had been eimi attainable through dia the ho Levitical Leuitikos priesthood hierōsynē ( for gar under epi it autos the ho people laos had received the law nomotheteō), what tis further eti need chreia would there have been for another kind heteros of priest hiereus to arise anistēmi according to kata the ho order taxis of Melchizedek Melchisedek, · kai rather ou than one designated legō after kata the ho order taxis of Aaron Aarōn? 12 For gar whenever the ho priesthood hierōsynē is altered metatithēmi, there is ginomai necessarily ek anankē an alteration metathesis in nomos the law nomos as well kai. 13 For gar the one of epi whom hos these things houtos are said legō belongs to metechō a different heteros tribe phylē, from apo which hos no one oudeis has ever served prosechō at the ho altar thusiastērion. 14 For gar it is perfectly clear prodēlos that hoti our hēmeis Lord kyrios is descended anatellō from ek Judah Ioudas, · ho and in regard to eis that hos tribe phylē Moses Mōysēs said laleō nothing oudeis about peri priests hiereus. 15 And kai it is eimi even eti more perissoteros obvious katadēlos that if ei, according to kata the ho likeness homoiotēs of Melchizedek Melchisedek, another heteros priest hiereus arises anistēmi, 16 he hos does so not ou on the basis of kata a law nomos expressed ginomai in a carnal sarkinos commandment entolē, but alla on the basis of kata the power dynamis of an indestructible akatalytos life zōē. 17 For gar it is attested martyreō of him, “ You sy are a priest hiereus for eis all ho time aiōn, according to kata the ho order taxis of Melchizedek Melchisedek.”

18 For gar there is ginomai an annulment athetēsis of a former proagō commandment entolē because of dia · ho its autos weakness asthenēs and kai uselessness anōphelēs 19 ( for gar the ho law nomos made nothing oudeis perfect teleioō); but de the introduction epeisagōgē of a better kreittōn hope elpis through dia which hos we draw near engizō to ho God theos.

20 And kai since kata hosos this was not ou done without chōris an oath horkōmosia ( for gar others ho have eimi become ginomai priests hiereus without chōris an oath horkōmosia, 21 but de he ho became a priest with meta an oath horkōmosia by dia the ho one who said legō to pros him autos, “The Lord kyrios has sworn omnyō and kai will not ou change metamelomai his mind , ‘ You sy are a priest hiereus for eis all ho time aiōn’” 22 accordingly kata tosoutos Jesus Iēsous has become ginomai the guarantor engyos of a better kreittōn covenant diathēkē.

23 Now kai on the one hand men, these ho many polys have eimi become ginomai priests hiereus because dia they were hindered kōlyō by death thanatos from continuing in office paramenō, 24 but de on the other hand , Jesus ho, because dia he autos remains menō for eis all ho time aiōn, has echō a priesthood hierōsynē that is permanent aparabatos. · ho 25 Consequently hothen kai, he is able dynamai to save sōzō completely eis ho · ho those ho who draw near proserchomai to ho God theos through dia him autos, because he continually pantote lives zaō to eis intercede entynchanō for hyper them autos.

26 For gar such toioutos a high priest archiereus was appropriate prepō for us hēmeis, · kai one who is holy hosios, innocent akakos, undefiled amiantos; having been separated chōrizō from apo · ho sinners hamartōlos, · kai he became ginomai exalted hypsēlos above the ho heavens ouranos. 27 He hos has echō no ou need anankē to offer up anapherō daily kata hēmera sacrifices thusia, like hōsper those ho other high priests archiereus, first proteros for hyper · ho their own idios sins hamartia and then epeita for the ho sins of the ho people laos, for gar this houtos he did poieō once ephapax for all when he offered up anapherō himself heautou. 28 For gar the ho law nomos appoints kathistēmi men anthrōpos as high archiereus priests echō who have weaknesses astheneia, but de the ho word logos of the ho oath horkōmosia, which ho came later than meta the ho law nomos, appoints the Son hyios who has been made perfect teleioō for eis all ho time aiōn.

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