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For gar every pas high priest archiereus, being chosen lambanō from among ek men anthrōpos, is appointed kathistēmi on behalf of hyper men anthrōpos to represent them in matters ho related to pros · ho God theos, to hina offer prospherō gifts dōron and kai sacrifices thusia for hyper sins hamartia. He is able dynamai to deal compassionately metriopatheō with the ho ignorant agnoeō and kai going astray planaō, since epei he autos too kai is subject to perikeimai weakness astheneia. · kai That is why dia he is obligated opheilō to offer prospherō sacrifice for peri his own autos sins hamartia, just as kathōs he does for peri the sins of the ho people laos. · kai And kai no ou one tis takes lambanō this ho honor timē on his own accord heautou, but alla receives it when called kaleō by hypo · ho God theos, just as kathōsper Aaron Aarōn also kai was.

So houtōs also kai · ho Christ Christos did doxazō not ou exalt doxazō himself heautou to become ginomai high priest archiereus, but alla was appointed by the ho one who said laleō to pros him autos, “ You sy are eimi my egō Son hyios, today sēmeron I egō have become your sy Father gennaō”; as kathōs also kai in en another heteros place God says legō, “ You sy are a priest hiereus for eis all ho time aiōn according kata to the ho order taxis of Melchizedek Melchisedek.”

In en the ho days hēmera of ho his autos flesh sarx, Jesus hos offered up prospherō prayers deēsis and kai supplications hiketēria, with meta loud ischuros crying kraugē and kai tears dakryon, to pros the ho one who was able dynamai to save sōzō him autos from ek death thanatos, and kai he was heard eisakouō because of apo his ho godly fear eulabeia. Although kaiper he was eimi a son hyios, he learned manthanō obedience hypakoē from apo what hos he suffered paschō. · ho And kai once made perfect teleioō, he became ginomai for all pas those ho who obey hypakouō him autos the source aitios of eternal aiōnios salvation sōtēria, 10 having been designated prosagoreuō by hypo · ho God theos a high priest archiereus according to kata the ho order taxis of Melchizedek Melchisedek.

11 On peri this hos subject we hēmeis have much polys · ho to say logos and kai it is hard dysermēneutos to explain legō, since epei you have become ginomai sluggish nōthros in ho understanding akoē. 12 · kai For gar though by dia this ho time chronos you ought opheilō to be eimi teachers didaskalos, you have echō need chreia of someone tis to teach didaskō you hymeis again palin · ho the ho basic archē elements stoicheion · ho of ho God’ s theos revelation logion. · ho · kai You have become ginomai people having echō need chreia of milk gala, not ou solid stereos food trophē; 13 for gar everyone pas who ho lives on metechō milk gala is inexperienced apeiros with the teaching logos about righteousness dikaiosynē, since gar he is eimi still a child nēpios. 14 But de solid stereos food trophē is eimi for the mature teleios, · ho for those ho who by virtue of dia their ho maturity hexis have echō · ho senses aisthētērion that are trained gymnazō to pros distinguish diakrisis good kalos from kai evil kakos.

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