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For gar we also kai had eimi good news proclaimed euangelizō to us just as kathaper they kakeinos did; but alla the ho word logos they heard akoē did not ou benefit ōpheleō · ho those ekeinos who were not united synkerannymi with those ho who listened akouō in ho faith pistis For gar we who ho have believed pisteuō do enter eiserchomai that ho rest katapausis, just as kathōs God has said legō, “ As hōs I swore omnyō in en · ho my egō anger orgē, ‘ They shall certainly not ei enter eiserchomai · ho my egō rest katapausis,’” and yet kaitoi his ho work ergon has been completed ginomai since apo the foundation katabolē of the world kosmos For gar somewhere pou he has spoken legō of peri the ho seventh hebdomos day in this manner houtōs: “ And kai God theos rested katapauō · ho on en the ho seventh hebdomos day hēmera · ho from apo all pas · ho his autos works ergon.”

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