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13 And kai nothing ou in creation ktisis is eimi hidden aphanēs from God’ s autos sight enōpion, but de everything pas is uncovered gymnos and kai exposed trachēlizō to the ho eyes ophthalmos of the one autos to pros whom hos we hēmeis must give · ho account logos.

14 Therefore oun since we have echō a great megas high priest archiereus who has gone through dierchomai the ho heavens ouranos, Jesus Iēsous the ho Son hyios of ho God theos, let us continue to hold fast to krateō our ho confession homologia. 15 For gar we do not ou have echō a high priest archiereus who is unable to feel sympatheō · ho our hēmeis weaknesses astheneia, but de one who has been tempted peirazō in kata every way pas just as we are kata—yet without chōris sin hamartia.

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