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But God said this about his Son:

“·God, your throne [L Your throne, O God; ] will last forever and ever.
    You will rule your kingdom with ·fairness [L a just/righteous scepter; C a scepter symbolizes royal authority].
You love ·right [righteousness] and hate ·evil [wickedness; lawlessness],
    so ·God [L God, your God,] has ·chosen [L anointed] you ·from among your friends [or above your peers; above anyone else];
    he has ·set you apart with much joy [L anointed you with the oil of joy/rejoicing; Ps. 45:6–7].”

10 God also says,

“Lord, in the beginning you ·made [L laid the foundations of] the earth,
    and your hands made the ·skies [heavens].

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