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13 · ho Brotherly love philadelphia must continue menō. Do epilanthanomai not neglect epilanthanomai · ho hospitality to strangers philoxenia, for gar by dia this houtos means some tis have entertained lanthanō angels angelos without knowing xenizō it. Continue to remember mimnēskomai those ho in prison desmios, as though hōs you were in prison with syndeō them, and those ho who are being mistreated kakoucheō, as hōs though · kai you yourself autos were eimi suffering bodily en sōma.

Marriage gamos must be honored timios · ho by en everyone pas and kai the ho marriage bed koitē must be undefiled amiantos, for gar God theos will judge krinō the sexually immoral pornos and kai the adulterers moichos. · ho Your ho conduct tropos must be free from the love of money aphilargyros, and be content arkeō with what ho you have pareimi; for gar God himself autos has said legō, “ I will aniēmi never ou mē leave aniēmi you sy; never ou mē will I forsake enkataleipō you sy.” So hōste we hēmeis can say legō with confidence tharreō, “The Lord kyrios is my egō helper boēthos, I will not ou be afraid phobeomai. What tis can man anthrōpos do poieō to me egō?”

Continue to remember mnēmoneuō · ho your hymeis leaders hēgeomai, those hostis who spoke laleō God’ s theos message logos to you hymeis; · ho · ho reflect on anatheōreō the outcome of their hos · ho way ekbasis of ho life anastrophē, and imitate mimeomai their ho faith pistis. Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos is the ho same autos yesterday echthes and kai today sēmeron and kai for eis all ho time aiōn!

Do parapherō not be swept off your feet parapherō by all sorts of poikilos strange xenos teachings didachē, · kai for gar it is good kalos for the ho heart kardia to be strengthened bebaioō by grace charis, not ou by foods brōma, with en which hos their ho adherents peripateō are not ou benefited ōpheleō. 10 We have echō an altar thusiastērion from ek which hos those ho who serve latreuō in the ho tabernacle skēnē do not ou have echō the right exousia to eat esthiō.

11 For gar while the ho blood haima of those hos animals zōon whose blood haima is brought eispherō into eis the ho Most Holy Place hagios by dia the ho high priest archiereus as a sacrifice for peri sin hamartia, their houtos · ho bodies sōma are burned katakaiō outside exō the ho camp parembolē. 12 So dio Jesus Iēsous also kai suffered paschō outside exō the ho city gate pylē in order to hina sanctify hagiazō the ho people laos through dia · ho his own idios blood haima. 13 So then, let us go exerchomai to pros him autos outside exō the ho camp parembolē, bearing pherō the ho reproach oneidismos he autos bore. 14 For gar here hōde we have echō no ou permanent menō city polis, but alla we are looking forward to epizēteō the city that ho is to come mellō.

15 Through dia him autos, therefore oun, let us continually dia offer up anapherō to ho God theos a sacrifice thusia of praise ainesis, that houtos is eimi to say, the fruit karpos of lips cheilos acknowledging homologeō · ho his autos name onoma. 16 And de do epilanthanomai not neglect epilanthanomai · ho doing good eupoiia and kai sharing koinōnia with others , for gar with sacrifices thusia like that toioutos God theos is pleased euaresteō. · ho

17 Continue to obey peithō · ho your hymeis leaders hēgeomai and kai submit hypeikō to them, for gar they autos keep watch agrypneō over hyper · ho your hymeis souls psychē as hōs those who must give apodidōmi an account logos. Let hina them do poieō this houtos with meta joy chara, and kai not with groaning stenazō, for gar that houtos would be of no advantage alysitelēs to you hymeis.

18 Continue to pray proseuchomai for peri us hēmeis, for gar we are convinced peithō that hoti we have echō a clear kalos conscience syneidēsis, desiring thelō to conduct ourselves anastrephō honorably kalōs in en every way pas. 19 I urge parakaleō you to do poieō this houtos more than ever perissoterōs · de so that hina I may be restored apokathistēmi to you hymeis sooner tacheōs.

20 And de may the ho God theos of ho peace eirēnē, who ho, by en the blood haima of diathēkē the eternal aiōnios covenant diathēkē, brought up anagō from ek the dead nekros the ho great megas shepherd poimēn of the ho sheep probaton, · ho · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, 21 make katartizō you hymeis complete with en everything pas good agathos to eis do poieō · ho his autos will thelēma, accomplishing poieō in en us hēmeis that ho which is pleasing euarestos in his autos sight enōpion, through dia Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, to whom hos be · ho glory doxa for eis all ho time aiōn ho. · ho Amen amēn.

22 I appeal to parakaleō · de you hymeis, brothers adelphos, bear with anechōmai my ho word logos of ho exhortation paraklēsis, for gar in fact kai I have written epistellō to you hymeis briefly dia brachus.

23 Know ginōskō that · ho our hēmeis brother adelphos Timothy Timotheos has been set free apolyō. If ean he arrives erchomai soon tacheōs, I will visit horaō you hymeis with meta him hos.

24 Greet aspazomai all pas · ho your hymeis leaders hēgeomai and kai all pas the ho saints hagios. Those ho from apo Italy Italia greet aspazomai you hymeis. · ho

25 · ho Grace charis be with meta all pas of you hymeis.

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