26 [a]Whose voice then shook the earth, and now hath declared, saying, (A)Yet [b]once more will I shake, not the earth only, but also heaven.

27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things which are shaken, as of things which are made with hands, that the things which are not shaken, may remain.

28 [c]Wherefore seeing we receive a kingdom, which cannot be shaken, let us have grace whereby we may so serve God, that we may please him with [d]reverence and [e]fear.

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  1. Hebrews 12:26 He compareth the steadfast majesty of the Gospel, wherewith the whole world was shaken, and even the very frame of heaven was as it were astonished, with the small and vanishing sound of the governance by the Law.
  2. Hebrews 12:26 It appeareth evidently in this that the Prophet speaketh of the calling of the Gentiles, that these words must be referred to the kingdom of Christ.
  3. Hebrews 12:28 A general exhortation to live reverently and religiously under the most happy subjection of so mighty a king, who as he blesseth his most mightily, so doth he most severely revenge the rebellious. And this is the sum of a Christian life, respecting the first table.
  4. Hebrews 12:28 By reverence is meant that honest shamefastness which keepeth them in their duties.
  5. Hebrews 12:28 Religious and godly fear.