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By faith pistis Noah Nōe, having been warned chrēmatizō by God concerning peri events ho as yet unseen mēdepō, took heed eulabeomai and built kataskeuazō an ark kibōtos for eis the safety sōtēria of ho his autos household oikos. By dia this hos act of faith he condemned katakrinō · ho humanity kosmos and kai became ginomai an heir klēronomos of the ho righteousness dikaiosynē that comes by kata faith pistis.

By faith pistis Abraham Abraam obeyed hypakouō when he was called kaleō to go out exerchomai to eis a place topos which hos he would mellō receive lambanō as eis an inheritance klēronomia. · kai He set out exerchomai even though he did not know epistamai where pou he was going erchomai. By faith pistis he migrated paroikeō to eis the land · ho he had been promised epangelia, as hōs to a foreign allotrios land , living katoikeō in en tents skēnē as did meta Isaac Isaak and kai Jacob Iakōb, · ho heirs with synklēronomos him of the ho same autos promise epangelia, · ho

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