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By faith pistis we understand noeō that the ho universe aiōn was created katartizō by the word rhēma of God theos, so that eis what ho is seen blepō was ginomai not brought into being ginomai from ek anything observable phainō.

By faith pistis Abel Habel offered prospherō to ho God theos a more acceptable polys sacrifice thusia than para Cain Kain, through dia which hos faith he was attested martyreō as eimi righteous dikaios, God theos himself showing his approval martyreō by epi accepting · ho his autos gifts dōron. · ho And kai though he died apothnēskō, he laleō still eti speaks laleō through dia his autos faith.

By faith pistis Enoch Henōch was taken up metatithēmi so that ho he did not see death thanatos, and kai he could not ou be found heuriskō, because dioti God theos had taken metatithēmi him autos. · ho For gar before pro he ho was taken metathesis he had been approved martyreō as one who had been pleasing euaresteō to ho God theos,

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