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27 but de only a tis terrifying phoberos expectation ekdochē of judgment krisis and kai of raging zēlos fire pyr ready mellō to consume esthiō the ho adversaries hypenantios. 28 Anyone tis who violates atheteō the law nomos of Moses Mōysēs dies apothnēskō without chōris mercy oiktirmos on epi the testimony of two dyo or ē three treis witnesses martys. 29 How much posos greater cheirōn punishment timōria do you think dokeō will be deserved axioō by the ho one who has trampled the ho Son hyios of ho God theos underfoot katapateō, and kai has profaned koinos the ho blood haima of the ho covenant diathēkē by en which hos he was made holy hagiazō, and kai has insulted enybrizō the ho Spirit pneuma of ho grace charis?

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