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Long ago, God talked to our fathers through the prophets. He talked many times and in many ways.

In these last days, he talked to us through his Son. God chose him to be the one to whom he would give all things. God also made the world by this Son.

He shines as bright as God. He is just like God himself. He holds up the world by the power of his word. He made people clean from their wrong ways. Then he sat down beside God in heaven.

He is much greater than the angels because God has given him a much better name than theirs.

Did God ever say to any of the angels, `You are my Son, and I am your Father today'? Did God ever say to an angel, `I will be your Father and you will be my Son'?

When God brings his first-born Son into the world, he says, `All of God's angels must worship him.'

Here is what he says about the angels: `God makes his angels to be like the winds. He makes his helpers to be like flames of fire.'

But here is what God says about his Son: `O God, you will sit and rule for ever. You will rule in the right way.

You have loved what is good and you have hated what is wrong. That is why God has poured out happiness on you, more than on those who are with you.'

10 He also said, `Lord, you made the world in the beginning. The sky was made by your hands.

11 These things will come to an end, but you will live on. They will all wear out like clothes.

12 You will fold up the world and the sky as if they were a blanket. They will not stay as they are now. But you will always be as you are now. The years of your life will never end.'

13 But did God ever say to any of the angels, `Sit down beside me until I put your enemies under you'?

14 Are not all the angels spirits that help? They are sent out to help the people who will be saved.