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In the past palai · ho God theos spoke laleō to our ho fathers patēr at different times polymerōs and kai in various ways polytropōs through en the ho prophets prophētēs, but in epi these houtos final eschatos · ho days hēmera he has spoken laleō to us hēmeis by en his Son hyios, whom hos he appointed tithēmi the heir klēronomos of all things pas, through dia whom hos he also kai created poieō the ho material universe aiōn. This hos Son is eimi the radiance apaugasma of his ho glory doxa and kai the exact representation charaktēr of ho his autos nature hypostasis, and te although sustaining pherō · ho all there is pas by ho the word rhēma of ho his autos power dynamis, yet made poieō purification katharismos for ho sins hamartia, and then sat down kathizō at en the right hand dexios of the ho Majesty megalōsynē on en high hypsēlos, having been ginomai exalted kreittōn as far above tosoutos the ho angels angelos as the name onoma he inherited klēronomeō is more hosos noble diaphoros than para theirs autos.

For gar to which tis of the ho angels angelos did God ever pote say legō, “ My egō Son hyios are eimi you sy! Today sēmeron I egō have fathered gennaō you sy”? Or kai again palin, “ I egō will be eimi to him autos a father patēr, and kai he autos shall be eimi to me egō a son hyios”? And de again palin, when hotan he brings eisagō the ho firstborn prōtotokos into eis the ho world oikoumenē, he says legō, · kai Let all pas the angels angelos of God theos worship proskyneō him autos.” · kai Regarding pros the ho angels angelos he says legō, “ He ho makes poieō · ho his autos angels angelos winds pneuma, and kai · ho his autos ministers leitourgos a flame phlox of fire pyr.” But de regarding pros the ho Son hyios he says, · ho Your sy throne thronos, O ho God theos, is for eis all ho time aiōn ho, · ho and kai the ho scepter rhabdos of ho absolute justice euthutēs is the scepter rhabdos of ho your sy kingdom basileia. You have loved agapaō righteousness dikaiosynē and kai hated miseō lawlessness anomia; therefore dia houtos · ho God theos, · ho your sy God theos, has anointed chriō you sy with the oil elaion of gladness agalliasis beyond para · ho your sy companions metochos.” 10 And kai, “ In kata the beginning archē, Lord kyrios, you sy laid the foundation themelioō of the ho earth , and kai the ho heavens ouranos are eimi the works ergon of ho your sy hands cheir. 11 They autos will perish apollymi; but de you sy continue diamenō. And kai all pas of them like hōs a garment himation will wear out palaioō, 12 · kai like hōsei a robe peribolaion you will fold helissō them autos up , like hōs a garment himation they will also kai be changed allassō. But de you sy are eimi the ho same autos, and kai · ho your sy years etos will never ou end ekleipō.” 13 And de to pros which tis of the ho angels angelos has he ever pote said legō, “ Sit kathēmai at ek my egō right hand dexios until heōs an I make tithēmi · ho your sy enemies echthros a footstool hypopodion for ho your sy feet pous”? 14 Are they eimi not ouchi all pas ministering leitourgikos spirits pneuma sent out apostellō to eis serve diakonia for dia the sake of those ho who are mellō to inherit klēronomeō salvation sōtēria?

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