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Habakkuk 3:2-4 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Lord, I have heard the ·news [report] about you;
    I am ·amazed [in awe; afraid] at what you have done.
Lord, do great things once again in ·our time [L the midst of the years];
    make ·those things happen again [L them known] in ·our own days [L the midst of the years].
Even when you are angry,
    remember to be ·kind [compassionate].
God is coming from Teman [C near Edom, south of Israel];
    the Holy One comes from Mount Paran [C on the Sinai peninsula south of Israel; the language recalls God’s revelation at Mount Sinai; Deut. 33:2]. Selah

His glory covers the ·skies [heavens],
    and his praise fills the earth.
He is like ·a bright light [flashing lightning; or brightness at dawn].
    Rays of light ·shine [flash] from his hand,
    and there he hides his power.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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