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Habakkuk’s Prayer of Faith

A prayer by the prophet Habakkuk, set to music.[a]

Lord, as I listen to what has been said about you,
    I am afraid.
Lord, revive your work throughout all of our lives—
    reveal yourself[b] throughout all of our lives—
when you[c] are angry,
    remember compassion.

God comes from Teman[d]
    the Holy One from Mount Paran.[e]
His glory spreads throughout the heavens,
    and praises about him fill the earth.
His radiance is like sunlight;
    beams of light shine[f] from his hand,
        where his strength lays hidden.
Before him pestilence walks,
    and disease follows behind him.[g]

He stood up and shook the land;
    with his stare he startled the nations.
The age-old mountains were shattered,
    and the ancient hilltops bowed down.

His ways are eternal.

I saw the tents of Cushan in distress,
    and the tent curtains of the land of Midian in anguish.
Was the Lord displeased with the rivers?
    Was your anger directed[h] against the watercourses
        or your wrath against the sea?
Indeed, you rode upon your horses,
    upon your chariots of deliverance.
Your bow was exposed,
    and your[i] arrows targeted by command.
        You split the earth with rivers.
10 When the mountains looked upon you, they trembled;
    the overflowing water passed by,
the ocean shouted,
    and its waves[j] surged upward.
11 The sun and moon stand still in their orbits;
    at the glint of your arrows they speed along,
        even at the gleam of your flashing spear.
12 You march through the land in righteous[k] indignation;
    you tread down the nations in anger.
13 You marched out to deliver your people,
    to deliver with your anointed.
You struck the head of the house of the wicked;
    you stripped him naked from head to foot.

14 With his own lances you pierced the heads of his warriors,
    who came out like a windstorm to scatter us[l]
        their joy is to devour the afflicted who are in hiding.
15 You rode on the sea with your horses,
    even riding[m] the crested waves of mighty waters.

Habakkuk’s Response

16 I heard and I trembled within.
    My lips quivered at the noise.
My legs gave way beneath me,[n]
    and I trembled.

Nevertheless, I await the day of distress
    that will dawn on our invaders.

17 Even though the fig tree does not blossom,
    and there are no grapes on the vines;
even if the olive harvest fails,
    and the fields produce nothing edible;
even if the flock is snatched from the sheepfold,
    and there is no herd in the stalls—
18 as for me, I will rejoice in the Lord.
    I will find my joy in the God who delivers me.
19 The Lord God is my strength—
    he will make my feet like those of a deer,
        equipping me to tread on my mountain heights.

For the choir director:

On my stringed instruments.


  1. Habakkuk 3:1 Lit. prayer upon Shigionoth
  2. Habakkuk 3:2 The Heb. lacks yourself
  3. Habakkuk 3:2 The Heb. lacks you
  4. Habakkuk 3:3 I.e. an Edomite desert town
  5. Habakkuk 3:3 I.e. in the Sinai desert
  6. Habakkuk 3:4 The Heb. lacks shine
  7. Habakkuk 3:5 Lit. follows at his feet
  8. Habakkuk 3:8 The Heb. lacks directed
  9. Habakkuk 3:9 The Heb. lacks your
  10. Habakkuk 3:10 Lit. hands
  11. Habakkuk 3:12 The Heb. lacks righteous
  12. Habakkuk 3:14 Lit. me
  13. Habakkuk 3:15 The Heb. lacks even riding
  14. Habakkuk 3:16 Lit. Rottenness enters my bones