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On my keeping I shall stand, and shall pitch a degree on [the] warding; and I shall behold, that I see what thing shall be said to me, and what I shall answer to him that reproveth me. (I shall stand watch at my station, and shall climb the stairs of the watch tower; and I shall see, what shall be said to me, and what I shall answer to him who rebuketh me.)

And the Lord answered to me, and said, Write thou the sight, either revelation, and make it plain on tables, that he (may) run, that shall read it. (And the Lord said to me, Write thou what thou seest, and make it clear on a tablet, ready for a courier to carry it with haste/so that it can easily be read.)

For yet the vision is far, and it shall appear into the end, and shall not lie; if it shall make dwelling, abide thou it, for it coming shall come, and shall not tarry. (For yet the vision is far off, but it shall appear in the end, and it shall not lie; and even if it appeareth to be delayed, wait thou for it, for it is coming, and indeed shall come, and shall not be late.)

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