10 (A)God said to him,

“Your name is Jacob;
[a]You shall no longer be called Jacob,
But Israel shall be your name.”

So He called [b]him Israel. 11 God also said to him,

“I am [c](B)God Almighty;
(C)Be fruitful and multiply;
A nation and a (D)multitude of nations shall [d]come from you,
And (E)kings shall [e]come from [f]you.

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  1. Genesis 35:10 Lit Your name
  2. Genesis 35:10 Lit his name
  3. Genesis 35:11 Heb El Shaddai
  4. Genesis 35:11 Or come into being
  5. Genesis 35:11 Or come into being
  6. Genesis 35:11 Lit your loins

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