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From Adam to Noah

This is the historical record[a] of Adam’s[b] generations.

When[c] God created mankind,[d]
    he made them in his own likeness.[e]
Creating them male and female,
    he blessed them
and called them humans[f]
    when[g] he created them.

After Adam had lived 130 years, he fathered a son just like him,[h] that is,[i] according to his own likeness, and named him Seth.

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  1. Genesis 5:1 Or the generations scroll
  2. Genesis 5:1 Or mankind’s
  3. Genesis 5:1 Lit. On the day that
  4. Genesis 5:1 Lit. Adam
  5. Genesis 5:1 Lit. in the likeness of God
  6. Genesis 5:2 Lit. called their name Adam
  7. Genesis 5:2 Lit. on the day he created them
  8. Genesis 5:3 Lit. son in his likeness
  9. Genesis 5:3 The Heb. lacks that is

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