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23 Therefore Joseph said to the peoples, Lo! as ye see, Pharaoh wieldeth both you and your land; (now) take ye seeds, and sow ye (the) fields,

24 that ye may have fruits; ye shall give the fifth part to the king; I suffer to you the four residue parts into seed, and into meats, to you, and to your free children. (so that ye shall have increase; ye shall give the fifth part to the king; but I shall grant you the remaining four parts for seed, and for food, for you, and for your children.)

25 Which answered, Our health is in thine hand(s); only our God behold us, and we shall joyfully serve the king. (And they answered, Our salvation is in thy hands; only let our lord continue to care about us, and then we shall gratefully be the king’s slaves.)

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