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28 “Your servant our father is well,” they replied. “He is still alive.” They bowed down in humility.[a]

29 When Joseph looked up[b] and saw his brother Benjamin, his mother’s son, he said, “Is this your youngest brother, whom you told me about?” Then he said, “May God be gracious to you, my son.”[c] 30 Joseph hurried out, for he was overcome by affection for his brother[d] and was at the point of tears.[e] So he went to his room and wept there.

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  1. Genesis 43:28 tn Heb “and they bowed low and they bowed down.” The use of synonyms here emphasizes the brothers’ humility.
  2. Genesis 43:29 tn Heb “and he lifted his eyes.” The referent of “he” (Joseph) has been specified in the translation for clarity.
  3. Genesis 43:29 sn Joseph’s language here becomes warmer and more personal, culminating in calling Benjamin my son.
  4. Genesis 43:30 tn Heb “for his affection boiled up concerning his brother.” The same expression is used in 1 Kgs 3:26 for the mother’s feelings for her endangered child.
  5. Genesis 43:30 tn Heb “and he sought to weep.”

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