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Genesis 36:30-39 Living Bible (TLB)

28-30 The children of Dishan: Uz, Aran.[a]

31-39 These are the names of the kings of Edom (before Israel had her first king):

King Bela (son of Beor), from Dinhabah in Edom.

Succeeded by:[b] King Jobab (son of BoZerah), from the city* of Bozrah.

Succeeded by: King Husham, from the land of the Temanites.

Succeeded by: King Hadad (son of Bedad), the leader of the forces that defeated the army of Midian when it invaded Moab. His city was Avith.

Succeeded by: King Samlah, from Masrekah.

Succeeded by: King Shaul, from Rehoboth-by-the-River.

Succeeded by: King Baal-hanan (son of Achbor).

Succeeded by: King Hadad, from the city of Pau.

King Hadad’s wife was Mehetabel, daughter of Matred and granddaughter of Mezahab.


  1. Genesis 36:28 See vv. 20-21.
  2. Genesis 36:31 succeeded by, more literally, “succeeded at his death by.” from the city, implied.
Living Bible (TLB)

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