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Genesis 2:1-2 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The heavens and the earth[a] were completed with everything that was in them.[b] By[c] the seventh day God finished the work that he had been doing,[d] and he ceased[e] on the seventh day all the work that he had been doing.


  1. Genesis 2:1 tn See the note on the phrase “the heavens and the earth” in 1:1.
  2. Genesis 2:1 tn Heb “and all the host of them.” Here the “host” refers to all the entities and creatures that God created to populate the world.
  3. Genesis 2:2 tn Heb “on/in the seventh day.”
  4. Genesis 2:2 tn Heb “his work which he did [or “made”].”
  5. Genesis 2:2 tn The Hebrew term שָׁבַּת (shabbat) can be translated “to rest” (“and he rested”) but it basically means “to cease.” This is not a rest from exhaustion; it is the cessation of the work of creation.
New English Translation (NET)

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