29 13 Jacob cometh to Laban and serveth seven years for Rachel. 23 Leah brought to his bed instead of Rachel. 27 He serveth seven years more for Rachel. 31 Leah conceiveth and beareth four sons.

Then Jacob [a]lift up his feet and came into the [b]East country.

And as he looked about, behold, there was a well in the field, [c]and lo, three flocks of sheep lay thereby (for at that well were the flocks watered) and there was a great stone upon the well’s mouth.

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  1. Genesis 29:1 That is, he went forth on his journey.
  2. Genesis 29:1 Hebrew, to the land of the children of the East.
  3. Genesis 29:2 Thus he was directed by the only providence of God, who brought him also to Laban’s house.