22 When he finished talking with him, God withdrew[a] from Abraham.(A)

23 So Abraham took his son Ishmael and those born in his household or purchased—every male among the members of Abraham’s household—and he circumcised the flesh of their foreskin on that very day, just as God had said to him. 24 Abraham was ninety-nine years old when the flesh of his foreskin was circumcised,

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  1. 17:22 Lit went up, or ascended

22 When he had finished speaking with Abraham, God went up from him.(A)

23 On that very day Abraham took his son Ishmael and all those born in his household(B) or bought with his money, every male in his household, and circumcised them, as God told him.(C) 24 Abraham was ninety-nine years old(D) when he was circumcised,(E)

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