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Abram (to Sarai): Sarai—look, she’s still your servant girl. Do whatever you want with her. She’s under your control.

So Sarai clamped down on Hagar severely, and Hagar ran away. The Special Messenger of the Eternal One found Hagar alone by a spring of water out in the desert. It was the spring of water along the road that went to Shur.

When the Lord sends His Special Messenger, it is generally an important and sensitive mission (see, too, Exodus 3; Numbers 22; and Judges 6). This special agent bears God’s unique, covenant name and speaks with divine authority in ways other messengers do not. In fact, by what Hagar says and does next, it is clear she thinks she has encountered the Lord Himself.

Special Messenger: Hagar, Sarai’s servant girl? Where have you come from, and where are you planning to go?

Hagar: I am running away from my mistress, Sarai!

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