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Genesis 16:10-12 The Voice (VOICE)

10 Trust me: I am going to give you many children and many descendants, so many you won’t be able to count them!

The descendants from Hagar are included in the promise given to Abram that his family will be so large that he will not be able to count them.

11     Look, you are pregnant,
        and you’re going to have a son.
    I want you to call him Ishmael
        because the Eternal One has heard your anguished cries.
12     Just to warn you, though:
    Ishmael, your son, is going to be a wild and rowdy man;
        he’ll put his fist in every face,
    And everyone will turn against him,
        and he will live at odds with all of his relatives.

The Voice (VOICE)

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