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My brothers adelphos, if ean · kai someone anthrōpos is detected prolambanō in en some tis wrongdoing paraptōma, you hymeis who ho are spiritual pneumatikos should restore katartizō that ho one toioutos in en a spirit pneuma of gentleness prautēs, taking care skopeō lest you sy yourself seautou · kai be tempted peirazō. Bear bastazō one another’ s allēlōn · ho burdens baros, and kai in this way houtōs you will fulfill anaplēroō the ho law nomos of ho Christ Christos. For gar if ei anyone tis thinks dokeō he is eimi something tis, when he is eimi nothing mēdeis, he deceives phrenapataō himself heautou. But de let dokimazō each one hekastos examine dokimazō · ho his own heautou work ergon, and kai then tote he will have echō reason for boasting kauchēma in eis himself heautou alone monos, · ho and kai not ou in eis comparison with · ho someone else heteros. For gar each one hekastos will bear bastazō · ho his own idios load phortion.

Now de the ho one who is taught katēcheō the ho word logos must share koinōneō all pas good things agathos with the ho one who teaches katēcheō.

Do not be deceived planaō: God theos is not ou mocked myktērizō. For gar whatever hos a person anthrōpos sows speirō, that houtos will he also kai reap therizō. For hoti the ho one who sows speirō to eis · ho his own heautou flesh sarx, from ek the ho flesh sarx will reap therizō corruption phthora; but de the ho one who sows speirō to eis the ho Spirit pneuma, from ek the ho Spirit pneuma will reap therizō eternal aiōnios life zōē. So de let us not grow tired of doing poieō what ho is right kalos, for gar in due idios time kairos we will reap therizō, if we do not give up eklyō. 10 So ara then oun, as hōs we have echō opportunity kairos, let us do ergazomai · ho good agathos to pros everyone pas, and de especially malista to pros those of the ho family oikeios of ho faith pistis.

11 See with what large pēlikos letters gramma I am writing graphō to you hymeis with ho my emos own hand cheir! 12 Those hosos who want thelō to make a good showing euprosōpeō in en the flesh sarx, they houtos are the ones trying to force anankazō you hymeis to be circumcised peritemnō only monon so that hina they may diōkō not be persecuted diōkō for the ho cross stauros of ho Christ Christos. 13 For gar even oude those ho who are circumcised peritemnō do phylassō not themselves autos keep phylassō the law nomos, but alla they want thelō you hymeis to be circumcised peritemnō so that hina they may boast kauchaomai in en · ho your hymeteros flesh sarx. 14 But de may ginomai I egō never boast kauchaomai, except ei mē in en the ho cross stauros of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, through dia which hos the world kosmos has been crucified stauroō to me egō, and I kagō to the world kosmos. 15 For gar neither oute circumcision peritomē nor oute uncircumcision akrobystia is eimi anything tis, but alla a new kainos creation ktisis. 16 As for kai all hosos who will follow stoicheō · ho this houtos rule kanōn—may peace eirēnē and kai mercy eleos be upon epi them autos, even kai upon epi the ho Israel Israēl of ho God theos.

17 From now on ho let parechō no one mēdeis cause parechō me egō trouble kopos, for gar I egō bear bastazō the ho marks stigma of ho Jesus Iēsous on en · ho my egō body sōma.

18 May the ho grace charis of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos be with meta · ho your hymeis spirit pneuma, my brothers adelphos. Amen amēn.

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