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For ho freedom eleutheria Christ Christos has set us hēmeis free eleutheroō. Stand firm stēkō, therefore oun, and kai do enechō not be subject enechō again palin to a yoke zygos of slavery douleia.

Listen ide! I egō, Paul Paulos, tell legō you hymeis that hoti if ean you agree to circumcision peritemnō, Christ Christos will be of ōpheleō no oudeis benefit to ōpheleō you hymeis. And de furthermore palin I declare martyromai to every pas man anthrōpos who agrees to circumcision peritemnō that hoti he is eimi obligated opheiletēs to obey poieō the ho entire holos law nomos. You have cut yourself katargeō off from apo Christ Christos, you dikaioō who hostis are trying to be justified dikaioō by en the law nomos; you have fallen away ekpiptō from ho grace charis. For gar we hēmeis by the Spirit pneuma, through ek faith pistis, eagerly await apekdechomai the righteousness dikaiosynē for which we hope elpis. For gar in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous neither oute circumcision peritomē nor oute uncircumcision akrobystia counts for ischuō anything tis, but alla only faith pistis expressing itself energeō through dia love agapē.

You were running trechō well kalōs; who tis hindered enkoptō you hymeis from obeying peithō the ho truth alētheia? Such ho persuasion peismonē does not ou come from ek the ho one who calls kaleō you hymeis. A little mikros leaven zymē leavens zymoō the ho whole holos lump of dough phyrama! 10 I egō am confident peithō about eis you hymeis in en the Lord kyrios that hoti you will phroneō not oudeis think phroneō otherwise allos. But de the ho one who is trying to confuse tarassō you hymeis will pay bastazō the ho penalty krima, whoever hostis ean he may be eimi. 11 But de I egō, brothers adelphos, if ei I am kēryssō still eti preaching kēryssō circumcision peritomē, why tis am I still eti being persecuted diōkō? In that case ara the ho offense skandalon of the ho cross stauros has been removed katargeō. 12 I wish ophelon · kai those ho who are disturbing anastatoō you hymeis would mutilate apokoptō themselves !

13 For gar you hymeis, brothers adelphos, were called kaleō to epi freedom eleutheria. Only monon do not use your ho freedom eleutheria as eis an opportunity aphormē for the ho flesh sarx, but alla through dia · ho love agapē serve douleuō one another allēlōn. 14 For gar the ho entire pas law nomos is summed up plēroō in en a single heis command logos: “ You shall love agapaō · ho your sy neighbor plēsion as hōs yourself seautou.” 15 But de if ei you keep on biting daknō and kai devouring katesthiō one another allēlōn, watch out blepō that you are analoō not consumed analoō by hypo one another allēlōn.

16 So de I say legō, live peripateō by the Spirit pneuma and kai you will teleō not ou gratify teleō the desires epithumia of the flesh sarx. 17 For gar the ho desires epithumeō of the flesh sarx are against kata the ho Spirit pneuma, and de the desires of the ho Spirit pneuma are against kata the ho flesh sarx; for gar these houtos are opposed antikeimai to one allēlōn another , to hina keep you poieō from doing poieō the things houtos you want thelō to do. 18 But de if ei you are led agō by the Spirit pneuma, you are eimi not ou under hypo the law nomos.

19 Now de the ho works ergon of the ho flesh sarx are eimi obvious phaneros: sexual immorality porneia, impurity akatharsia, debauchery aselgeia, 20 idolatry eidōlolatria, sorcery pharmakeia, quarrels echthra, strife eris, jealousy zēlos, fits of rage thumos, selfish rivalries eritheia, dissensions dichostasia, divisions hairesis, 21 envyings phthonos, drunkenness methē, orgies kōmos, and kai things ho like homoios these houtos. I warn prolegō you hymeis, as kathōs I warned you before: those ho who practice prassō · ho such things toioutos will klēronomeō not ou inherit klēronomeō the kingdom basileia of God theos!

22 By contrast de, the ho fruit karpos of the ho Spirit pneuma is eimi love agapē, joy chara, peace eirēnē, patience makrothumia, kindness chrēstotēs, generosity agathōsynē, faithfulness pistis, 23 gentleness prautēs, self-control enkrateia; against kata · ho such things toioutos there is eimi no ou law nomos. 24 And de those ho who stauroō belong ho to Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous have crucified stauroō the ho flesh sarx with syn its ho passions pathēma and kai · ho desires epithumia. 25 Since ei we live zaō by the Spirit pneuma, let us stoicheō also kai be guided stoicheō by the Spirit pneuma. 26 Let us not become ginomai conceited kenodoxos, provoking prokaleō one another allēlōn, being jealous of phthoneō one another allēlōn.

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